Thank you for your interest in C3 Quality Beef Products.  For information on purchasing a side or split side of beef click here Beef Flyer.

All of our whole beef is grass fed and grain finished.  All Beef is FED ANTIBIOTIC FREE and HORMONE FREE!

Current Market Prices – All Prices Subject to Change

Side or Split Side of Beef ——- $3.50/lb.  * Includes Vacuum Processing

Grass Fed 90/10 Lean Ground Beef —–$5.50/lb.   * Sold in 1 pound tubes.  Bundle Pricing — 10 Pounds for $50.00 / 25 Pounds for $110.00 / 50 Pounds for $200.00

T-Bone or Bone in Ribeye Steaks —— $12.00 / lb.  * 2 steaks per package

Bone in Sirloin Steaks —— $9.00 / lb.  * 1 steak per package

For additional information on cuts of beef you may click here Beef Cutout

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