Welcome to C3 Cattle Company!  We are a family owned business operated by Steve, Michelle, Parker, Baylee, & Karstyn Cantrell.  For four generations, we have operated on the same land that originated with Olin Lewis’s dairy operation.  As the decades passed, the operation saw commercial cattle with Duane Cantrell from the 70’s all the way until Steve and Michelle began a Hereford herd in the 2000’s to begin a seedstock herd for Parker and Karstyn.

Over the years, the quality and amount of cattle grew and we began to branch out and pursue new endeavors in the Maine-Anjou, Chianina, Simmental, Angus, and Club-Calf industries while maintaining our base of Hereford genetics.  We believe that the C3 Cattle Company presented today is the new era of our operation as we have continued to build upon the foundation set by the previous generations on this land.

Though the some of the breeds have changed, our family has continued to prioritize the goal of producing quality cattle for the beef industry and the show ring in particular.  The cattle are selected for calving ease, marketability, and structural soundness while still possessing muscularity and eye appeal.  Outside of the show ring, we strive to produce quality bulls and heifers for seedstock replacement and steers that gain quickly and have a high quality grades when hung on the rail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Steve or Parker and we will do our best to be of service!

-C3 Cattle Company

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