Summer has come and gone, leaves are close to falling but the calendar for C3 still remains full! Within the last couple of months I have traveled the U.S. coast to coast and visited a third world country on a mission trip. I have also attend multiple cattle shows as the Oklahoma State Hereford Queen, managed volleyball season, college classes and more! Though schedules may conflict my time spent in the cattle barn are not taken for granted. I am currently working as a Tulsa State Fair Communications Intern where my daily tasks range from taking photos ringside and around the barn or managing social media pages for all Livestock Exhibition Records or 4-F/FFA projects. Though my days here at the fair are busy, C3 still had time to bring three Hereford heifers and one Maintainer heifer to the open show which ended with a first place ribbon and lots of laughs from the fitting crews, friends and family. We know your schedule remains full too but stay tuned for more exciting news, photos and memories from C3 Cattle Co.

-Agvocate in Action, KC

The Adventures

Hello agvocates, kc here! Guess where I have been, if you said at home you’re wrong! Since we last talked I have visited San Diego to live it up on the beach enjoyed a few hours at home then traveled to Washington, d.c. for the Washington Leadership Conference. The weather may have been a bit warm up in D.C. but myself and 400 other FFA Members were more on fire for the leadership curriculum we were taking on! While in the area we toured Mount Vernon, the major monuments such as Lincoln’s Memorial and Vietnam Memorial, and visited the holocaust museum. Though it sounds like I was jam packed I still had the opportunity to meet up with Bart Fischer representing the state of Oklahoma at the U.S. capitol to receive a private tour along side a few close friends of the agricultural committee rooms and fun areas of the capital. It has been a whirlwind of a summer but the winds are continuing to blow me from place to place and I couldn’t be happier carrying Jesus’ love with me and a strong passion for agriculture everywhere I go!

– Agvoacte in Action, KC.

The Summer

Hello Agvocates, showman, friends, and family. What a busy season of life I have been in. Within the last month I’ve spent a week in León Nicaragua on a mission trip, traveled over 800 miles with 50 friends for the once in a lifetime camp “Youth Leadership Oklahoma”, Showed a yearling hereford heifer at the Red Dirt Rendezvous show in Stillwater, spent a week in San Diego growing closer to my family, but coolest of all, had the opportunity to be crowned the Oklahoma Hereford Queen! As queen my duties range from ring help, chatting with members of the state and national association, and helping girls grow in their faith and love for agriculture! I am so excited to serve at the 2019-2020 Oklahoma Hereford Queen

– Agvocate in Action, KC

The Water

Welcome to Oklahoma ladies and gentleman, flash flooding, tornadoes, and the cancellation of school all mean one thing, The Lord is making sure there is no drought left in the great state of Oklahoma! C3 has been crazy busy lately with the finalization of school, Parker came home from college, the great flood of 2019, and the conclusion of calving season. Now that summer is here and starting to hit full swing we are so grateful that Parker is here to help around the farm as I start my summer travels! He came back just in time to pull a couple calves, move bulls from pasture to pasture, take multiple steers to the butcher, but most importantly hug his little sis! When the rain started coming, life off of the ranch was put on pause as cattle had to be moved to higher ground and we were busy getting every vehicle got stuck. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about filling water troughs and the cows got a much needed shower! Though the water came right after pastures had been sprayed for weeds we couldn’t be happier to finally be drying out and watch the green grass grow! The flood brought much needed rain but it also took the life of livestock submerged in mud, The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away, but he always provides!

– Agvocate in Action, KC

The Finale

The spring FFA Season has reached the finale. Ending with The 93rd State FFA Convention, the premier event for Oklahoma FFA Members and the chance to reconnect with thousands of your best friends all wearing the exact same outfit as you! This year at convention I had the opportunity to serve on the Social Media Team running around taking hundreds of photos, conducting interviews with speakers, singers, and sponsors, as well as interact with the State Co. Staff & Officer Team on a personal level! Myself and four other members from chapters around the state grew so close as we were there for the early mornings and late nights finalizing posts and pictures ready for all of OKFFA to see on the social media platforms! I also had the opportunity to attend the National FFA Advisor Roundtable, discussing with Dr. Brown his personal views and upcoming events for the National FFA. Kaitlan Teague and I received full scholarships to the Washington Leadership Conference so needless to say, we stayed busy! Convention brought many blisters, tears, and excitement as I am realizing that I have one convention left as a member of Skiatook FFA! Though convention concluded our schedules still didn’t slow as we immediately started preparing for our annual chapter banquet and awards ceremony. As I am reflecting on Tuesday I am more than grateful to say I took home multiple proficiency awards, blue & gold salesman of the year award, chapter star, and have the chance to serve my third term and final year at Skiatook as President. The Lord has given me so much to be thankful for and my senior year will bring many smiles, new friendships and countless opportunities!

– Agvocate in Action, KC


What a busy season of life Skiatook FFA is in right now! Last week Kaitlan Teague and myself competed in the Northeast Area Speech Contest where we both placed in the top three and I then got to watch my best friend win the Animal Science Division later moving on and placing third at the Oklahoma FFA State Interscholastic Contest. What a cool feeling to see a life long friend accomplishing her dreams along side many of my other best buds through okffa! Skiatook FFA also brought to the State Contest an Agricultural Communications Team where, to say the least… we tried our best! The weekend concluded with prom and last minute packing for The 93rd State FFA Convention! Now that speech season has come to an end my schedule may be slowing for now but I’m still filled with excitement from the rush of adrenaline given every time I step into the speaking room. I can’t believe I’m wrapping up my Jr. year and have only one year left to compete in public speaking contests, show cattle, and share my passion to FFA Members from around the state in my high school career. Sending my biggest congratulations to everyone who competed in all the State CDE & LDE Contests, but an even bigger congrats to my best friend Kaitlan for chasing her dreams and finding great success!

– Agvocate in Action, KC

The Family

Three, Trinity, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Three days, Resurrection, Boundless love, Completion, It’s Easter. What a weekend, filled with spiritual stillness but craziness on the farm. Parker came home to not only help work calves but to attend church with the rest of the family. Throughout the weekend almost every calf between three of the pastures were wormed, preg checked, or pictured which meant Parkers presence from school was well thanked! We spent hours outside soaking up the 80 degree weather and meeting the needs of countless calves but we still had time to attend Life.Church Owasso and later have a family dinner (which doesn’t happen often with our busy schedules!) Though Parker went home Saturday night we were still excited to attend Grandma Connie’s annual Easter bash with this year’s twist being no egg hunt, but a family wide celebration flying kites! As I am reflecting on Easter I’m cherishing these fun family memories, comical moments on the C3 funny farm, and the everlasting love of Jesus Christ! In seasons of trial it is easy for our family to run to the farm and busy schedules but it is vital that we cling to The Lord with his fullness. The Cantrell Clan is counting our blessings and remembering that a walk with Christ is a daily walk, struggles and all. Happy easter from C3

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

The Fire

There is nothing but green pastures from here on out, C3 woke up extra early on Saturday to beat the rain for a last minute control burn! After concluding dads homemade breakfast that consisted of eggs from the chickens and the recent benefits from OYE being bacon and sausage, mom, dad, and I bundled up to get a head start before the rain hit. Though our plans started out as just tying up calves and possibly burning a couple piles of hay, nothing ever goes as planned on the funny farm and we ended up spending hours building a new fence and burning half of the pasture! Cow dog Annabelle, made sure to continue her role but instead of chasing calves she picked up a new liking to rabbits! Mornings like these are cherished at C3 with the many laughs and rain dances after finishing a new fence! Spring is in full swing with green pastures, preparation for the summer show string, and entering our final two weeks of speech season. Though our family is continually running around there isn’t a day that passes without some family farm bonding!

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

The Calving Season

After several weeks of much excitement we wrapped up show season but started three more seasons of life, Spring, speech season, and calving season! With our herd growing substantially with every year that passes C3 is getting better at predicting and perfecting our genetics. While my dad and I were in the city for OYE, mom stayed home to watch over several mothers that were taking their sweet time and multiple days past their due date. What a surprise it was to come home to a Hereford Heifer that will have the privilege of being carted around by myself for next years winter show string! Though we’re still waiting on plenty of cows to drop a calf Spring has hit us like a truck today as it is our first day in the 90 degree weather. Corduroy truly does keep you hot in the summer and cold in the winter, speech season is living proof as we started out weeks ago standing by the fire place and are about to wrap up season sweating bullets. Wishing everyone lots of luck for the upcoming CDE & Public Speaking contests!

– Agvocate in Action, KC.

The Greatest Show

Oklahoma Youth Expo, the largest youth show in the world and my favorite show of the year. After a busy week of running around the capitol as a House of Representatives Page, I then had an even busier week at the Oklahoma City Fair grounds exhibiting one Hereford heifer. OYE is the premier livestock show and is the one show that it’s almost guaranteed to see all of your closest hog, sheep, goat, and cattle friends! This year our stalls were filled with love and lots of snacks! In attendance were my parents, grandparents, and brother as well as another Skiatook showman, Sheridan, accompanied by her parents and twin little sisters. After a season of great success compared to previous years I was just more than happy to be walking in the ring surrounded by all of my friends and family! Heifer Onnakee (out of Market Index & full sib to Olivia) is now at her peak laying in the luscious green pastures and patiently waiting for her first born coming any day now! I can’t say it enough how blessed and thankful I am for all the opportunities given, awards won, and friendships made over the course of this show season, my biggest congratulations to all OYE Winners!

-Agvocate in action, KC