Welcome Home

Hey y’all, I am home for the holidays! I wrapped up another semester at Oklahoma State, packed my bags and headed North to C3 Cattle Co. Since my return my family has been so gracious to leave me dishes to do, water troughs to fill, cats to feed and even heat tags to be checked. Needless to say, they keep me busy.

We are in the breeding season right now so each morning I have been taking note of the cattle coming into heat after pulling CDRS. With the weather fluctuating so harshly we have been putting out a few bales of hay each night but if i’m lucky (and dad is in a trusting mood) I just use the deweze on the truck. Dad was in a very trusting mood yesterday sending me to Kansas to get two ton of feed on the flatbed. But don’t worry, he didn’t send me alone. My 90yo uncle, Darrell, accompanied me for moral support. Though life in Collinsville has its moments of busy, it also has moments of pure peace. Just the other night sitting by the fire place with a Christmas movie on the TV, catching up, I was reminded just how blessed I am to have a great place to come home to. A place that when not filled with chaos, is an environment that is rich in love and abundant in theological/political/educational conversations. Parents who care for me so deeply that they cook my favorite meals after a hard days work.

In this season at home I look forward to soaking up time with mom and dad and soaking up time on the funny farm. I pray the holiday season provides you with many good memories, laughter with your loved ones and the best home-cooked meals.

– Agvocate in Action, KC.

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