Aspen Coffee Co.

Hey y’all, happy finals week! This semester has been nothing short of crazy but so fulfilling. If you know me, you know I have my foot in a lot of things on campus to say the least. From sorority life, to homecoming, student alumni ambassadors, the college of agriculture executive team, a few clubs plus running for National FFA Office – sleep was treasured when it came. One thing that was always on my calendar each week with no leadership role attached was “Aspen Coffee Co.” Whether it’s the one at Fountain Square, Perkins Road, Duck or Main, I spend a good chunk of my life at the wobbly wooden tables of this sweet coffee shop, why you ask? Consistency. Each day that I wake up and pack my bag with a bible, journal, book to read, laptop and tummy ready for a hot Irish Cream latte with honey because of the consistency I find and the joy I get from listening to a podcast or doing homework at my favorite table by the window. Have you ever heard of putting a sugar packet under the leg of an unstable table? One day someone asked “what is your sugar packet?” mildly perplexed by what this means I reflected that this is questioning, what am I adding to my daily life to make it stable? Is my sugar packet the friendships I am in, is it the leadership roles I work through, or is it God? Tough spot of identification. I know.

For any college kids going through finals this week and wrapping up the end of their semester, I hope your sugar packet is Jesus. Your grades aren’t going to Heaven (thankfully) and the late nights you’re staying up to study while skipping dinner isn’t what’s best for you in the long run. I guess that makes me a hypocrite for speaking that into existence so when I take my own advice I’ll keep you updated, lol. For real though. Go to Aspen, sit at a wobbly table while drinking a hot cup of joe and reflect on your sugar packet! If you’re a teacher ready to get rid of students, a farmer in desperate need of family time, a stay at home mom or my barista, this week and every week I pray you are finding that missing piece of your life in The Lord.

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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