Top Ten Freshman

Hey y’all, here is an update from how The Lord absolutely blessed me a few months ago. If you know me you know I love agriculture, the color orange, education, and Oklahoma State University. At the age of 13 I remember sitting at an OSU football game in late fall when a group called Mortar Board recognized the Top Ten Freshman. Though I had minimal information of what that was, I knew one day I wanted that to be me. Years passed and each fall I would sit mesmerized at the football games looking at the smiling students in orange business clothes on the field throwing their best go pokes to the camera. Fast forward to October when this dream became my reality.

Top Ten Freshman is a process that includes an application and interview which narrows from the student body to Top Twenty Freshman and finally, Top Ten. To announce each cut that occurs a member of Mortar Board comes to your class in a suit and tie to announce the recipients and hand them a white rose in front of your peers. Picture it, I am wearing my favorite Lululemon shorts and sorority t-shirt, typing away on my computer when a man in dapper refinery calls my name. Shocked identifying I made the first cut I hustled to the front of the room then squeezed my flower for the whole hour of class that followed. Silly right? Continuing through the interview process I had zero expectations to make the top ten, I was already pleased enough so when the day came I knew the roses would be coming back to class I didn’t even raise my eyes when the representative from Mortar Board walked in the room. But, once more to my shock, my name was called and tears flowed from my eyes knowing The Lord had been at work in this moment.

To many, this is simply a title that sits on a resume and nothing more. But to me, this symbolizes years of admiration of hard-working students, the memories I created of freshman year with all the growth that occurred and the reminder that God blesses me continually. Don’t be fooled, I live an incredible life and my freshman year was nothing short of outstanding, however, there were still days that flat out stunk. Many late nights finishing papers or starting a last minute homework assignments, friendships that change as a result to distance and plenty of identification for who I wanted to be as a college girl. Freshman year is the first time you’re truly away from home, when the flat tire on your car needs to be aired up or you’re sick of fast food it is easy to get discouraged. Standing on the field, now my turn in orange business clothes, it made each of those moments worth it and I hope at least one little girl in the crowd identified this is a goal she too wants to achieve, maybe 5-10 years from now she will stand in the same spot. As always, Go Pokes!

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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