Season of Growth

Hey y’all, C3 Cattle Co. is in a season of growth. As you have probably seen, Parker got married, I am off at college, dad is loving his role as a superintendent, and mom is doing what she does best, taking care of everything in between. Calves are popping out like crazy, C3 bought a dairy cow to assist with the bottle babies – her name is Ruby and we love her, we have two new barn cats who drive momma chelle wild, the chickens still lay more eggs than we can eat, basically, if you can think of it its probably happening on the funny farm.

On a more serious note, we are in a season of growth purely by the grace of God. For me in general, The Lord is teaching me a lot about self identification. Most of my adult life I have found my identity in the roles I participate in. From FFA positions, leadership opportunities on campus, the relationships I was in and even how hard I worked at school or on the farm. It is easy as a leader to get caught up in valuing yourself only based on relative things like “success” which is measured solely on an exterior level. Being in a growing season, hence the title of this blog, I am growing to try to identify who I am outside of what I do. Which is clearly easier said than done, but I know for a fact God put me in this season for a purpose and that would be selfish of me to rush the why behind that purpose. A few days back a friend told me, “He (God) is turning your mess into your message,” and man did that sting. The reality of this statement hits me each day as a reminder that my story is being continuously shaped. Though I have no set plan of what’s next for this journey of identifying the real KC, I do have plans to keep loving on Hereford cattle, tending to my family, growing academically, and rooting myself in Christ.

Psalm 119:114 says, “You are my shelter and my shield, I hope in your word.” The time is now to find my identity in His shelter and His shield, maybe for you it too is that time. Though the things of this world will fade, the fulfillment, knowledge, presence, and love of God could never. As life continues to change and grow I hope you know you have a friend and encourager in me and in The Lord.

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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