A New Year

In order to find success, no matter the category in life, one thing I have learned is that you must keep trying. When it comes to breeding cattle, I am glad we did. In the spring of 2019 I had the sweetest Hereford Heifer. I hauled her from show to show and never let go of the halter. When it came time to breed I couldn’t help but feel excited to know that in nine months I could be a grandma to another Hereford baby, however my plan wasn’t going accordingly said my dad as we had trouble getting her stuck and safe with calf. Months passed and dad said she was still open but I knew if we A.I.’ed her one more time it would work, and I was right! New Years is something to celebrate, but the birth of a calf from a well loved momma; that is something special. I am more than thrilled to start out 2020 as it is now my graduation year, a year of last speech contests and FFA banquets, a year of moving away from home to start college, but also a year with a new born Hereford heifer. Happy New Year from the C3 Crew!


-Agvoacte in Action, KC

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