Growing up in a house full of Oklahoma State University alumni I knew that there was no choice but for me to follow in the family footsteps and apply to be an OSU Cowboy as well. In early August our mailbox sang loudly the loyal and true words declaring my acceptance for the fall of 2020 and my parents could not have been more proud than to watch their youngest get into the school that has helped aid dreams for many of our family members and create many memories. Once the calm returned I then had to decide who I was going to experience life as a poke with and I had no better friends come to mind than my FFA pals Adyson Blakey, Micah McAtee and Tayten Lierle. Once the idea was proposed there was no change of my heart and nothing but dorm room plans from there on out. With the months that have passed we have maintained annual roomie get togethers each month to discuss our excitement and further life plans being executed at Oklahoma State. Nothing beats having built in best friends because of this great organization that I can now share a college experience with! Watch out OSU 2020, we are coming for you!


-Agvocate in Action, KC

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