Advanced Leadership Development

“Life is a highway, I’m gonna ride it all night long.”  These were the lyrics blaring as I entered the conference room along side a life long FFA pal, Madison Walters, at my final OKFFA ALD. You see Madison and I had already shared multiple conversations and hugs before we walked in but everything changes when your favorite songs play across the sound system and you just have to look at one another, throw your hands up and squeal with 300 other members from around the state. The quality of music was above average and the experience was worthwhile, but we came to be invested in by professional public speakers utilizing just 22 hours to pour in as much knowledge and enthusiasm as possible. While in attendance all members had the chance to find a small group of ten individuals and come up with different ways to advocate for FFA as well as share personal experience in our time through this organization. As time with small groups fastly concluded, the dance ended, meals were ate, I came to the realization that my final ALD was over but I could not be more pleased with the people I spent it with as well as the new friends and staff that I met.


-Agvocate in Action, KC

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