The annual Future Collegiate Leadership Conference or FCLC was held at Oklahoma State by CASNR on November 9th & 10th. For all students in attendance, including myself, had the chance to tour the campus including all agricultural facilities though the most laughs and memories made in FAPC where we made chocolate dip n dots. The food and agricultural processing center is not known for their dip n dots but they were a delightful treat compared to the frozen carcasses of cattle sheep and swine hanging in the cool rooms. While at FCLC we also had the chance to engage in small groups led by CASNR Ambassadors, set goals for our future college experience, and participate in workshop rotations discussing all things Oklahoma State. This previous weekend I was so blessed to meet people from around the U.S. and hopefully have the chance to maintain those connections throughout the coming years as an OSU cowboy, Go pokes & Go FCLC!


-Agvocate in Action, KC


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