The Calves

As senior year is almost halfway done my feet have never stopped running, whether it’s from stall to stall at a show, life as a student athlete on the volleyball court, chasing the calf that got out because I left the gate open or running after The Lord, I have yet to take a break. With that being said I am not the only thing running at C3, tractors are running to put out hay as temperatures drop, trucks are running and hooked up to trailers as cows are being moved from pasture to pasture and new born babies are hitting the ground running faster than I have time to count. This time of year is always such a beautiful season at the family farm, not only because the leaves are changing but because calves of all breeds are taking their first steps. We are so excited to welcome these babies to C3 and encourage you to stay tuned as photos come out from our previous show calves and experienced cows of these newborn calves.


-Agvocate in Action, KC

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