The Jacket

After being absent from school for 11 days I had a lot to catch up on, homework, jokes, memories, but most shockingly the yearly pass out of new Skiatook FFA Jackets. As I walked into the ag building the last thing I expected was my last Skiatook Jacket to be waiting for me in the office. The weather is chilly and that made this moment feel like Christmas Day! With each year that passes I somehow need a new jacket, whether I am growing up or out a few inches, adding an office or a year, changing sleeve length or the jacket is just simply worn and color faded, each jacket has held me so tight. They keep me hot in the summer and cold in the winter, they soak up the memories from every camp, conference and convention. They wipe up slobber from that stubborn calf in the show ring and overflow with notes and pens inside each pocket. This senior jacket will watch me grow and complete my year of lasts, I can not wait to break in my final Skiatook FFA Corduroy Jacket.


-Agvocate in Action, KC

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