Summer has come and gone, leaves are close to falling but the calendar for C3 still remains full! Within the last couple of months I have traveled the U.S. coast to coast and visited a third world country on a mission trip. I have also attend multiple cattle shows as the Oklahoma State Hereford Queen, managed volleyball season, college classes and more! Though schedules may conflict my time spent in the cattle barn are not taken for granted. I am currently working as a Tulsa State Fair Communications Intern where my daily tasks range from taking photos ringside and around the barn or managing social media pages for all Livestock Exhibition Records or 4-F/FFA projects. Though my days here at the fair are busy, C3 still had time to bring three Hereford heifers and one Maintainer heifer to the open show which ended with a first place ribbon and lots of laughs from the fitting crews, friends and family. We know your schedule remains full too but stay tuned for more exciting news, photos and memories from C3 Cattle Co.

-Agvocate in Action, KC

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