The Adventures

Hello agvocates, kc here! Guess where I have been, if you said at home you’re wrong! Since we last talked I have visited San Diego to live it up on the beach enjoyed a few hours at home then traveled to Washington, d.c. for the Washington Leadership Conference. The weather may have been a bit warm up in D.C. but myself and 400 other FFA Members were more on fire for the leadership curriculum we were taking on! While in the area we toured Mount Vernon, the major monuments such as Lincoln’s Memorial and Vietnam Memorial, and visited the holocaust museum. Though it sounds like I was jam packed I still had the opportunity to meet up with Bart Fischer representing the state of Oklahoma at the U.S. capitol to receive a private tour along side a few close friends of the agricultural committee rooms and fun areas of the capital. It has been a whirlwind of a summer but the winds are continuing to blow me from place to place and I couldn’t be happier carrying Jesus’ love with me and a strong passion for agriculture everywhere I go!

– Agvoacte in Action, KC.

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