The Finale

The spring FFA Season has reached the finale. Ending with The 93rd State FFA Convention, the premier event for Oklahoma FFA Members and the chance to reconnect with thousands of your best friends all wearing the exact same outfit as you! This year at convention I had the opportunity to serve on the Social Media Team running around taking hundreds of photos, conducting interviews with speakers, singers, and sponsors, as well as interact with the State Co. Staff & Officer Team on a personal level! Myself and four other members from chapters around the state grew so close as we were there for the early mornings and late nights finalizing posts and pictures ready for all of OKFFA to see on the social media platforms! I also had the opportunity to attend the National FFA Advisor Roundtable, discussing with Dr. Brown his personal views and upcoming events for the National FFA. Kaitlan Teague and I received full scholarships to the Washington Leadership Conference so needless to say, we stayed busy! Convention brought many blisters, tears, and excitement as I am realizing that I have one convention left as a member of Skiatook FFA! Though convention concluded our schedules still didn’t slow as we immediately started preparing for our annual chapter banquet and awards ceremony. As I am reflecting on Tuesday I am more than grateful to say I took home multiple proficiency awards, blue & gold salesman of the year award, chapter star, and have the chance to serve my third term and final year at Skiatook as President. The Lord has given me so much to be thankful for and my senior year will bring many smiles, new friendships and countless opportunities!

– Agvocate in Action, KC

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