The Fire

There is nothing but green pastures from here on out, C3 woke up extra early on Saturday to beat the rain for a last minute control burn! After concluding dads homemade breakfast that consisted of eggs from the chickens and the recent benefits from OYE being bacon and sausage, mom, dad, and I bundled up to get a head start before the rain hit. Though our plans started out as just tying up calves and possibly burning a couple piles of hay, nothing ever goes as planned on the funny farm and we ended up spending hours building a new fence and burning half of the pasture! Cow dog Annabelle, made sure to continue her role but instead of chasing calves she picked up a new liking to rabbits! Mornings like these are cherished at C3 with the many laughs and rain dances after finishing a new fence! Spring is in full swing with green pastures, preparation for the summer show string, and entering our final two weeks of speech season. Though our family is continually running around there isn’t a day that passes without some family farm bonding!

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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