The Calving Season

After several weeks of much excitement we wrapped up show season but started three more seasons of life, Spring, speech season, and calving season! With our herd growing substantially with every year that passes C3 is getting better at predicting and perfecting our genetics. While my dad and I were in the city for OYE, mom stayed home to watch over several mothers that were taking their sweet time and multiple days past their due date. What a surprise it was to come home to a Hereford Heifer that will have the privilege of being carted around by myself for next years winter show string! Though we’re still waiting on plenty of cows to drop a calf Spring has hit us like a truck today as it is our first day in the 90 degree weather. Corduroy truly does keep you hot in the summer and cold in the winter, speech season is living proof as we started out weeks ago standing by the fire place and are about to wrap up season sweating bullets. Wishing everyone lots of luck for the upcoming CDE & Public Speaking contests!

– Agvocate in Action, KC.

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