The Greatest Show

Oklahoma Youth Expo, the largest youth show in the world and my favorite show of the year. After a busy week of running around the capitol as a House of Representatives Page, I then had an even busier week at the Oklahoma City Fair grounds exhibiting one Hereford heifer. OYE is the premier livestock show and is the one show that it’s almost guaranteed to see all of your closest hog, sheep, goat, and cattle friends! This year our stalls were filled with love and lots of snacks! In attendance were my parents, grandparents, and brother as well as another Skiatook showman, Sheridan, accompanied by her parents and twin little sisters. After a season of great success compared to previous years I was just more than happy to be walking in the ring surrounded by all of my friends and family! Heifer Onnakee (out of Market Index & full sib to Olivia) is now at her peak laying in the luscious green pastures and patiently waiting for her first born coming any day now! I can’t say it enough how blessed and thankful I am for all the opportunities given, awards won, and friendships made over the course of this show season, my biggest congratulations to all OYE Winners!

-Agvocate in action, KC

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