The Capitol

101 State Representatives, 20 pages, 6 days, 1 purpose, service. This year it has been a goal of mine to keep service over self and to be given this opportunity to serve Oklahoma State Legislature was a dream. The real dream to me is my future, to continue a life with agriculture not just for myself, but for the millions of agriculturalists around the world. It is a goal that by lobbying to state and national officials that the voice of farmers, manufactures, botanist, harvesters, ranchers, and millions of other agricultural based jobs can be heard and helped. Though being a page sounds insignificant the work we did helped Representatives stay at peace with the long hours conducted, helped take a load off of all assistants, and helped further the passion of young minds that will some day become Representatives and Government Officials as well. Now you know me, and you know there’s not a single place I go that I don’t run into a lover of all things FFA. While at the State Capitol I ran into Previous Texas State FFA Officer Taylor Shackelford, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation Coordinator, and OCA Director of Marketing & Sponsorship. He expressed to me the love for his job, and even bigger love of cattle & FFA. Though he was a lifelong Texas FFA member there is one thing all members have in common, our love for this organization and our love for service.

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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