Preparation Season

Oklahoma Youth Expo is just around the corner ladies and gentleman, as showman from around the state have been finishing up their county shows the excitement is building for the upcoming OYE. However, My excitement is still going strong after the thrill of coming home from the Tulsa County Livestock Show last Thursday with the Reserve Grand Champion Heifer. C3 has been extremely blessed this show season and we’re beyond ecstatic to take our Hereford Heifer “Markie” to her last show before she is due to calve in May. OYE is the premier livestock event in the State of Oklahoma, friends from different towns have been counting down the days until we all get to meet again for some friendly competition and make new memories. As preparation for the show has been underway the Tulsa Area was hit with some snow over the weekend and threw a kink in anyone’s plan to wash, load tack, or in my case, even make it out of the driveway! The bad weather waits for no one, especially not a farm. Hay still had to be put out every day so mom, dad, and I bundled up and did what we had to, to make sure all the pastures and pens had water, feed, and a fresh round bale every day. The weather has started to warm, just like the hearts of every parent of an ag kid, including my own, who can’t wait to see us succeed at the fast approaching OYE.

-Agvocate in Action, KC.

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