The Show

Champion Heifer, Champion Steer, and Champion Senior Showman, the clean sweep and one of the highest goals for my 2019. With many shows behind me and many ahead of me I knew the Skiatook Local Show was my only chance, the last go round with the steer. As Friday night came my nerves filled me to the top, I don’t know if I was more excited or scared but I can tell you I felt every emotion on February 1st. Hogs showed first, then sheep, third was goats, and cattle rounded out the night. After the last goat class went in I knew I needed to sit down, take that final breath and moment in prayer then grab my comb & stick and grab the heifer. It felt like I was waiting in the holding ring for a lifetime but when the ringsman motioned to me to walk in my heart sank to the bottom of my body. My calf wouldn’t budge from the front gate. I knew showmanship starts the second you walk in the ring and my emotions were getting the best of me. Already flustered I yanked on the chain and she still wouldn’t move. My dad whispered from the side of the ring “kc calm down, just walk” so I did what he said and took a step, after that my Hereford Heifer, Marky and I moved as one. As the Show progressed my nerves eased and my hard earned success not only doubled, but tripled. By the end of the night I had achieved my goal of a clean sweep with the biggest smile on my face. For as big as I was cheesin’, I can guarantee my dads smile was even bigger, he is the owner of my biggest hugs received, and most proud high fives!

-Agvocate in Action, KC

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