The Cold

We have been holding average temperatures in the mid 30’s for the last few weeks and the Tulsa Area finally got a light dusting of snow last week. Not enough to build a snow man but definitely enough to cover the ground then melt into the earth within hours. Tuesday night was the annual Skiatook FFA Invitation show with a new record of 76 calves in attendance. After competing in the Hereford division Callie Mosley and I were able to take home Grand and Reserve Champion Hereford Heifers and our families couldn’t be more proud of us! Some of our greatest friends came to support while students from the Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Owasso, Dewey, and Skiatook Areas competed for Grand Champion Heifer, Steer, and Showman. Judge Corbin Cowles is a family friend who recently was named a National Livestock Judging Champion and we couldn’t be happier than to welcome him at our show. This morning the windchill was 14 degrees and our calves appreciated the fresh bales of hay as they broke the panels letting them into the barn and our newly stacked hay is now scattered along the ground. Just to clarify, dad wasn’t too happy. There is a possibility I left the gate open, but between you and I let’s just blame it on the cows! Our chapter is now getting ready for the Invitational Sheep and Swine show as well as the Local Show competing against our own chapter members. The cold weather and the amount of time being spent in the show barn preparing for different species on their way has resulted in wearing coveralls to school every day! My teachers think I look pretty stylish, especially my ag instructor who decided to twin with me!

– Agvocate in Action, KC

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