The First Freeze

After a week of rain the cold came in just in time to freeze the mud and require hot hands for the Friday night football game, and a Saturday morning of working calves. Saturday morning we got up roughly 20 spring born calves to give them Bovi-Shield Gold, a vaccination preventing IBR/BVD/PI3. BVD is an up and coming disease finding it’s home in many herds causing symptoms such as low conception rates, still born, and aborted calves. Due to management practices we have been fortune enough here at C3 to never have a positive BVD test on an animal in our heard, but some ranches are not as lucky. Though only 4% of cow-calf herds in Oklahoma have a PI positive animal it is not something to take lightly. Oklahoma State Univeristy came out with a recent study saying it cost nearly $24 per head to have a routine yearly vaccination preventing this disease, how much is that $24 worth to you? After a full day of working calves we’re glad to wrap up this week with an OSU cowboy win, then traveling to the Oklahoma Hereford Association banquet in Ardmore, Oklahoma. As it is now the week of Thanksgiving we say Grace thanking The Lord for the safety of our herd and for the great success and friendship gained through the Hereford Industry over the years.

-Agvocate in Action, KC

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